IPL 2020 BCCI New rules in IPL 2020 power play rules
IPL 2020 BCCI New rules

IPL 2020 BCCI New rules: Cricket Supertime Friends from Indian Premier League season apart.

That is, IPL 2020 is going to be very interesting between 2020 because of two this time BCCI and IPL Government.

The council, Alkar has implemented five big online rules in the IPL 2012.

And five big online rules to be implemented in the high 2020, so in which world will they start about.

New Five Rules in IPL 2020

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A citizen wants to get, first of all, let's be lighter, as well as press every day to get bread first, now friends, if we don't talk to the bus station.

The height is going to be enough because we have to talk about this for five Heart failure failed to be seen.

We do not talk about the first new rule which BCCI has implemented in IPL 2020, then the name of the first new rule is Gennari.

And then friends, this name was explained for the first time, but it is quite excellent.

CM as you all will know that every team plays 11 players, eleven players in Nifty play eleven players in other teams.

Players play, but now this is not going to happen here, every captain, even if not before me, has to be given a fee in the first place.

There will be players, they will play more on the responsibility for the label already in the confirmation.

The four players who will be four will be four years as state players, which I can change because of this.

After, the end of the over, no Twelves clear can never play a match, if the wicket falls in place of that player.

Even if the wicket cannot play When the shooting player could play in the match.

It was only when the four batsmen were in the place of the Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians.

Kolkata Knight Riders

If the Kolkata Knight Riders team was batting and Kolkata became too much to win the Knight Riders team and said.

They are left, are they running the atmosphere or nineteen or yes and some age has gone, if there is a team of Kolkata Knight Riders, yes I do not play in thinking, but Adarsh ​​Nagar is a part of the first fifty in the match.

Mumbai Indians

So Adarshan can never bat or finish the over after that if he can bat for what else can meta against you.

The team of Four Examples Mumbai Indians.

He is bowling and the team of Mumbai Indians thinks that he does not have much power in his bowling that I am with my bowlers on my own.

If the four examinations have come in while Mumbai is not part of the playing eleven of the Indian team.

They are not playing the match but they do not know that they are part of the friend, then they come.

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