Surprising Facts about Shahid Afridi
Facts about Shahid Afridi

Facts about Shahid Afridi: The all-star cricket players Shahid Afridi.

Shahid Afridi that’s the end of it 7 wickets for 30 just on the bass board.

Afridi by it many of his fans lovingly known by his nickname boom.

Boom Afridi, which people of Pakistan have given him he’s taken his nickname seriously that we can see these words inscribed on his back.

He’s also referred to as a Lala by his close friends and his teammates.

Shahid Afridi he’s modeled himself after the famous leg spinner Abdul Qadir and he considers himself to be a better bowler than bat men called him down.

The slope drifting in star performer for the big game Shahid Afridi she has taken 48 wickets in Test matches and 92 wicked in ODI.

She’s considered a Wiley leg spinner and has compared to the likes of Shane Warne and Anil Kumble.

Shahid Afridi seems to be great at retiring but just not very good at staying retired he famously announces retirement repeatedly.

He announced his retirement from Test cricket in 2006 to focus on his limited-overs career Afridi then made a comeback to the test team in 2010.

However, following a string of low scores we saw him call it quits on his Test career once more Afridi then announced that he was under pressure from his family to call it quits with the world t20 2016.

Surprising Facts about Shahid Afridi

That was coming up real soon a big-hitting a little now over the years Shahid Afridi has risen in the ranks in an era when a pinch hitter was used to add an impulsive increase to the scoring rate.

Although he’s much more established now, Afridi had little control over his urge to swing at the cricket ball every single time.

He’s up at bat a fire on the charge to be very bold to pull chocks where’s that all plastic stroke.

He gives himself or if it slips over the drawback of this approach, is that it is impossible to stay consistent his strike rate in 315 OD is a whopping 117 in the year 2013 chef heat of freedom made history on March 17 apart from making 88 of 43 balds.

Afridi smashed the longest six in cricket history bring it again it flashed up he smashed it miles into the golf course a lot of going in the golf course.

It was a huge swing on a ball from Ryan McLaren where we saw the ball travel 158 meters and onto the roof of the wanderer stadium in Johannesburg.

They don’t call him a boom-boom Afridi for nothing cosmos crisis may sensational stuff from a pretty absolutely that was huge it.

Scott over the same group is ready for the fish truck delivery is no secret that Shahid Afridi loves Indian bowling a mystic his jump renovated mighty.

The roof she’s cleared the fence it quickens the ground this is much better than last week this pays to run away.

The food a society while he both massive records - records in particulars stand out in 2005 a pretty smash Harbhajan Singh 427 runs in an over in Lahore 27 runs off viola second most everyone taken one over in international justice.

This gave him the second-highest amount of runs in an over in Test cricket she also became the fourth-youngest Pakistani player to score a test century at the age of 18 years old.

Afridi smashed 141 against India in Chennai making him the youngest ever person to score a century against India.

These devices have been a fantastic inning franchise athili his first 900 besides killing it on the cricket field Afridi he has some serious style he was named the most stylish sportsman of the year in 2007 as well as in 2011 by the lux corporation.

He was awarded on both occasions at the lux style award now going back in time into the earlier days of his career shahid Afridi made his Test debut against Australia in Karachi back in 1998.

He joined the like of Narender huion II and Bob Mackie by picking up a five-wicket haul in his Test debut but if reading is just known for blowing our minds when it comes to his sport.

But after achieving so much success he also gives back to the community in March of 2014 shahid Afridi he established.

The shahid Afridi Foundation which aims to provide healthcare and education facilities in Pakistan please support the Ender child a foundation doing great work on health and education helping the poor people.

The world’s most charitable athletes by doing something in August 2015 now one reason why I think Shahid Afridi is always on the go is that he loves spicy food and if you guys know anything about spicy food.

Indian Premier League  Shahid Afridi

It just gets you going in one interview during the inaugural season of the Indian Premier League Afridi stated that Hyderabadi biryani is his favorite dish he’s also had a cameo in the movie main hoon Shaheed which is a Pakistani sports drama film.

Shaheen Afridi is generally regarded as an impact player his nods of 124 off just 60 balls against Bangladesh as Iran Aguirre Stadium ensure that Pakistan clinched their fifth Asia Cup title got it fine also hundred called a freebie six boxes hundred older.

The Fosters initiative brother is drifting down the leg side and nicely tickled away by side of reading the second hundred in this tournament.

 He slashed 109 in the previous match as well against Sri Lanka he played a similar knock against Sri Lanka in the 2009 world t20 final to help Pakistan win their first ICC trophy since 1992.

The play decreasingly hits the winning role shy of reading big jammy to like by who cares hundred of 39 for two of Pakistani made the pitch and shakes all around.

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